Is there anything better than a Yorkshire Pud?

A bit late to the party but nevertheless, after it was National Yorkshire Pudding Day on Sunday, we're not going to pass off the chance to wax lyrical about, lets face it, the best part of a roast, the Yorkshire pud 🙌🏻

Whether it's with a slab of beef, served with some toads (pop half a Chipolata in the mix for mini toad in 'oles), or just on its own with a big jug of gravy, these beauties are one of life's little pleasures. We like our's nice and puffy, the bigger the better! They've popped up on our Insta from time to time and here's how to get your own mini mountains of yumminess.

Mary’s Yorkshire puds recipe (Makes 18. Yup! And we pretty much eat them all):

  • 210g plain flour
  • 1tsp english mustard powder
  • 4 eggs
  • 400ml milk
  • oil
  • a thick Yorkshire accent (optional)

Before you start making them, heat the oven to 180 degrees or equivalent. Get your Yorkshire pan (in our case it’s a muffin tin) and fill each hole with about a table spoon of oil, get the pan in the oven to get the fat nice and hot.

While the oil is heating up, put the flour into a bowl, season with salt, and add the mustard powder. Crack in the eggs, and whisk together (don’t worry, it’ll be a bit of a congealed mass at the moment) then slowly pour in the milk. whisk the mixture and get rid of all those lumps. I then pour everything from the bowl back into the jug for ease of pouring.

Right before you pour the mixture into the pan, add a splash of cold water to the mix, and give one final whisk. I’ve always done this and my Yorkshire's have always risen like billy-o!

When your oil has been in about 5 minutes - or however long it took you to make the mixture, bring your tray out the oven (careful, it’s really bloody hot!) then pour the mixture in each hole. no exact quantities as to how much - generally about 3/4 full I’d say - just try and make them even-ish. then get that tray back in the oven!

They tend to take about 25-30 minutes to cook. but just keep an eye on them - DON'T open the door till they’re ready though!

Please do tag us in any pictures if you make them, it would make our day!

One final tip; they also freeze really well and cook straight from frozen in about 5 minutes!!

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