We are a husband and wife team, and parents to three little beauties. We love our children to be dressed in bright, individual little items, which need to be super comfy and stretchy for the day to day climbing, running and jumping that occurs!

Why Bear & Babe? It’s named after our children. Our eldest is called Logan, who was swiftly nicknamed Logi Bear, then shortened to Bear. 22 months later we had a wee baby girl called Molly who just became ‘The Babe’. We set up this company when Molly was 7 months old. Since then, we have also had another little daughter, Eva. Many asked if we’d change the name of the company, but logistically it would have been a nightmare. Eva has been included by the addition on another little babe on the Bear’s back on our logo.

I (Mary) have always loved sewing, but it was February 2016 I went for a sewing lesson, and things just took off from there. I started by making clothes for my children, then friend’s children, then in July 2016 we took the leap to register our company, and boom, Bear & Babe Ltd. was born. So much time and effort goes in behind the scenes of a little company like this.

We spend a long time searching and searching for the right fabric, only sourcing high quality, often organic, jersey cotton. We juggle this company around our 3 small children, everything is handmade from our home in Sheffield.

We are so grateful for everyone that supports our little company, thank you so much!

Mary & Pete x