PPE is in desperate demand, help us help the people that are out there treating our loved ones and saving lives.

Until they are no longer needed, we'll be using our studio to produce sets of scrubs to sent out for free to those working on the front line. We have already purchased over 100m of fabric that is currently being made up but we need more.

If you would like to request scrubs, please email hello@bearandbabe.com with your details. We are still sorting this out so please bear with us.

Please help us raise enough money to make as many scrubs as possible for all those doctors, nurses, healthcare practitioners, care home workers and the many many more dealing with this day in, day out.



Thanks to the amazing support we hit the target within 24 hours and has carried on going up and up. We've now upped it to £5000 to help provide more all the requests we've had come through, let's keep this going!


 Just £10 will help us make 3 sets of scrubs.


We are also on the look out for anyone that knows their way around an overlocker. We'll send out the fabric ready cut and instructions for you to sew together. For more information and to sign up, click here.

All monies raised will be used to purchase fabric and supplies for the production of scrubs. Anything left over will be donated to the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity.